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    About Our
    Training Programme

    Are you a young person passionate about building a rewarding career in adult health and social care? Our 12-month hands-on training programme is designed just for you! Whether you aim to make a difference in the UK or worldwide, our comprehensive course equips you with the essential skills and knowledge to excel in this vital field.

    • Learn while you Earn
    • Expert-Led Training
    • 24-Hour Training Support:
    • CPD-Approved and Globally Valid
    • Comprehensive Learning Experience
    • Career Advancement Opportunities

    Programme Highlights:

    Extensive Hands-On Training

    Gain practical, real-world experience through live, hands-on sessions by authorized and experienced trainers.

    Global Opportunities

    A curriculum that meets international standards will prepare you for career opportunities in the UK and globally.

    Career-Ready Skills

    Develop the skills to provide compassionate, effective care and support to adults, including those with disabilities and chronic health conditions.

    Flexible Learning Options

    Our programme offers full-time and part-time learning paths to accommodate your schedule and commitments.

    Home Office-Approved Salary

    Our programme trains you and ensures that you can earn a Home Office-approved salary upon completion, giving you financial stability and growth.

    Supportive Learning Environment

    Our dedicated professionals are committed to your success and will provide you with personalised guidance and mentorship.

    Comprehensive Curriculum

    Our curriculum covers all key aspects of adult health and social care and is designed to provide a deep understanding of both theoretical and practical elements

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    Steps To Join The Programme

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    Apply Online

    Apply online by submitting our enrollment form. The management team will then review your request and conduct an interview to verify your skills.

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    Certificate Verification

    You need to verify your academic certification. You also need to check Police clearance and TB tests from the UK government lab in your country

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    Initial Acceptance Letter

    The initial offer of acceptance letter will be sent by email once the fees are paid to HTSG by bank transfer.

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    Visa Application

    The HTS Group will issue a certificate of sponsorship (CoS) to the successful candidate, who then can apply for a visa. Candidate has to pay their travel and visa costs.

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    On Arrival Report

    After arrival in the UK, the candidate should collect his/her BRP and visit to the office with all necessary documents for reporting.

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    Final Check

    HTS Will apply for the candidate's DBS and right-to-work check. The cost will be taken from the candidate. During this time, we will also check your police clearance and other documents will be verified

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    Training Journey

    Will provide all the necessary training and guidelines. Our expert team of instructors will stay connected to you all the time.

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    After training you will get a certificate of the courses. Candidates with good performance will be offered to work with HTSG

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Here is some common questions are marked. If you have something else you can contact to our support team or submit a contact form below.

    Yes, we will issue a certificate sponsorship (CoS), as one gets from a UK university.

    You have to have the right attitude to build a career in health and social care with a minimum 12th pass and an IELTS score of 5.0. An additional experience and diploma in the Care sector would be added as an advantage.

    Once the candidate completes the training programme they would be given an opportunity to work under HTS Group. The candidate also joins other companies to continue their career in health and social care.

    All the candidates will be offered an extensive online and hands-on training on the following subjects: (1) English Language and Culture (2) Verbal and non-verbal comunication (3) Phlebotomy (4) 17 essential care certificate courses

    Costs are dependent on the candidate's experience, skills and knowledge, please contact us at

    The candidate will be paid as per the UK government's national minimum wages and home office-approved salary structure for health and social care workers.

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