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Health Tech Services Group (HTSG) facilitates 24-hour non-emergency medical transport for governments, corporate organisations, and individual clinics. We are a private primary healthcare services provider and offer our services at the client’s doorstep within 48 hours’ time commitments.

A team of experts with more than 250 years of various experiences and skills ensures that people can get the best of the primary healthcare, mobility, and remote monitoring that they deserve.

We are based in Blackburn, Essex, London, Wales. We deliver our highly personalised and professional healthcare services and CPD/NVQ accredited training through our fully trained team members and existing providers to people all over the United Kingdom.

HTSG works with non-emergency patient transport and ambulance services and offers bed-to-bed transportation services (Care Safe Mobility) for hospitals, clinics, and laboratories, ensuring these services are readily and easily accessible.

We also offer doorstep clinical services (Clinic at Home) for vulnerable people through our online GP and trained nurses/caregivers. So, there is no longer a long wait for GP appointments, blood /urine tests, ECG, or USG. We even take you to the clinic if you need an X-ray, CT Scan, or MRI with a 48-hour report delivery commitment.

Not only that, with our WatchRx, we can also offer remote medical monitoring by qualified clinical staff, remind you about your medication, protect vulnerable adults with geo-fencing technology, and help prevent falls. This watch also automatically takes your pulse, temperature, breathing pattern, and oxygen level and uploads it to your medical record.

Our technology allows cost-effective, convenient, comfortable, real-time tracking and safe movements of non-emergency patients transporting vehicles, ambulances, and logistics (e.g., pathology samples).

Our Services include Air Ambulance (AmbuFly) & Medical Repatriation, mobile and web-based medical consultations, telemedicine, teleradiology/pathology, Hospital information system (HIS), Electronic Medical Records (EMR), and the nationwide logistics model ensures fast, reliable diagnostic testing and primary healthcare solutions.

Our business approach at Health Tech Services Group is founded on TACIT (Technology, Administrative, Consultancy, Infrastructure, and Training), which is how we developed our healthcare services.

We also offer Global Medical Tourism Services so that you can get the best of World-Class treatment from your comfort and convenience. We are fully insured and locally regulated by the Care Quality Commission* (CQC), Health Inspector Wales (HIW), and local Councils.

We are also working on our ISO* 9001, 14001, 27001, and Cyber Essentials. So, you and your data are fully protected.

*Under the process of registering. Care Safe Mobility was earlier registered with the CQC (https://www.cqc.org.uk/location/1-9966471035)

Our Expertise

HTS Group offers technology and support that facilitates round-the-clock, UK-wide access to services for corporate, insurance, or self-paying clients in the following sectors:

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